A Day In The Life: What To Expect At A Ramsbury Brewery Tour

Posted 26 July 2021

Ramsbury Tours

Ever fancied having a tour of a brewery? Looking for the perfect gift for the beer lover in your life? Or maybe, you’re just ready to get out and about again after a long lockdown period?

We’ve got just the thing for you.

At Ramsbury Estates, we’re pretty proud of our grounds, produce and of course… our beer. With a delicious array of beer to choose from, ranging from our classic Ramsbury Gold to our more unique (but tasty) Belapur IPA, there’s sure to be something that excites your taste buds on the Ramsbury Estate.

So, why not book a tour?

Ramsbury Brewery Tour Itinerary

Our brewery tours are jam-packed to ensure every experience is unique and memorable. During your tour, you’ll be able to enjoy exclusive tastings of all of the Ramsbury core and seasonal beers. These tastings are about as fresh as you can get, with each beer poured directly from the stillage on site… in front of your eyes.

After tasting our award-winning beers, you’ll move onto the estate’s distillery. Here we distil our estate gin and vodka, with both core and seasonal variations available for those up to date with the Ramsbury varieties.

Next up… you guessed it. More drinks tasting. Enjoy your Ramsbury beverages in the stunning estate gardens, surrounded by our orchards, produce fields and the beautiful scenes of the Marlborough countryside.

Finally, as with every good tour, your experience will end in our estate gift shop. Here you can purchase fresh produce, beer, spirits, and our Ramsbury merchandise.

Our Beers and Spirits

Some of the drinks you’ll be tasting along the way include…

Our first ever brew, Ramsbury Gold is a perfectly refreshing 4.5% Golden Ale. This rich and golden ale where it all began.

Our 4% Amber Bitter can best be described as a traditional English bitter.

Our RPA is perfect for those that love that distinct, hoppy taste. Rich and golden in flavour, the RPA is a great pairing with BBQ food. Perfect for the summer.

Red Ram was our first craft lager here at Ramsbury Estates. Light and refreshing, this lager is best served chilled.

Our Belapur IPA combines citrus flavours and traditional English Ale for a unique and irresistible fruity combination.

Brewed in the estate’s distillery, our 43% Single Estate Vodka is unique, with each bottle being traceable back to the estate’s field of origin. Simple and delicious.

Got a bit of a sweet tooth? Ramsbury’s Honey Bee Nectar is a unique honeyed pale ale, collected straight from our bees on the estate. Delicious.

Looking for a dark amber ale? Look no further. Our 3.6% Farmer’s Best bitter is a great accompaniment to roast meat dishes such as a classic English roast.

A classic, the 506 Ale is Ramsbury’s 5% Blonde Beer. Perfect for a grilled fish dish for it’s light and crisp flavour.

Our 4.2% Flint Knapper Amber Ale blends pale ale and chocolate malt for a rich and smooth ale, with a name inspired by the process of Flint Knapping, due to its similarity to the brewing process. Simple.

Brewed in the estate’s distillery, our 41% Single Estate Gin is a rarity. As one of the only single estate gins made in the UK, our gin is award-winning, winning Gold the prestigious Double Gold SIP Award.

The Nitty Gritty Bits

Now you’ve set your heart on a Friday at the brewery, we’ve got all the information you need to get yourself booked in.

  • Ramsbury Brewery tours last around 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • Tours run every Friday at 11am and 3pm, with an additional 6:30pm tour on the last Friday of every month.
  • Each ticket is £20 per person.
  • Tour Tickets For Two are available for £40.
  • Group tours are available.
  • Ramsbury Estates is based in Marlborough: check out our address and contact information.
  • Our tours are unsuitable for those aged 18 and below.

What are you waiting for? Book your Ramsbury Brewery tour today.

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