A Unique Valentine’s Day Treat They’ll Love – The Ramsbury Experience Tour

Posted 24 January 2022

Valentine’s Day, a day where some stay low-key and some go over the top to show their love for their beloved partner. While low-key couples exchange a card and some chocolates, some couples are more grandiose with their gestures, with gourmet dinner and oversized teddy bears being shown off on social media feeds throughout the day.

Some single people still love participating in this day of love, by swapping valentines traditions of romance for Palentine’s (or Galentine’s) acts of appreciations. Typical celebrations for these alternative days can include plenty of alcohol, good time with friends and even platonic staycations with loved ones. Some friendships create their own traditions, whereas some are more spontaneous year on year.

Every new year into a relationship, planning a Valentine’s Day surprise can seem harder and harder as the flow of gifting ideas runs dry. Furthermore, the idea of stepping up the game from preceding years can cause a significant amount of stress to loved-up individuals. Suddenly, you realise your partner’s interests don’t quite open the gifting door as much as you’d hope and now, you’re stuck in a search engine frenzy, scouring the web for something to pull out of the bag for the big day. That’s why we’re here to help with our Brewery Experience Day!

The Ramsbury Experience Tour for Two

Is your partner a big fan of beer? Is a classic vodka cocktail their favourite way to unwind from everyday stress? Or maybe they have a love affair with gin? No matter their drink of choice, we know they will love our Ramsbury Experience Tour for Two Voucher! You no longer need to strain your eyes searching for beer gift ideas or Valentine’s gin gifts, our Brewery Experience Day is here to make this Valentine’s Day one to remember.

We can assure you, there’s nothing quite like spending a day with the special person in your life, taste testing some high quality and award-winning beverages and seeing the meticulous process of how they’re made. With our exciting experience day vouchers, you’re guaranteed to win at the Valentine’s Day game this year. This unique gift will instantly cause excitement, as you and your partner mark your booking on your calendar and count down the days. What’s more, our experience days are available on selected days throughout March to September, meaning you can easily pick and choose when works best for you!

What To Expect

As well as being located in one of the most stunning and picturesque parts of the country, North Wessex, we’re home to a 300-year-old coaching inn, The Bell at Ramsbury. At this traditional and beautiful Inn, you will start your journey and will be greeted by our expert tour guide and off-road lorry, ready and waiting to take you on your countryside safari.

We hear you asking, “What is a countryside safari?”. Well, this is your gateway to exclusive access to the exciting Ramsbury Estates tour! On your way, you will witness breath taking views of the beautiful Wiltshire downs and woodlands, where a metropolis of local and elusive wildlife resides. Once you reach the brewery and distillery, you will experience a whole new world of delicious beverages and local hand-made products that and your loved ones are sure to love.

The Tasting Experiences

While you are witnessing the intricate ways we craft our products, you will of course be able to test each product along the way. Here are some examples of our products you will be able to trial along the way:

  • Red Ram – This is our award winning craft lager, which has deservedly been awarded two-stars at the 2021 Great Taste Awards. This crisp and refreshing craft lager is perfect for every occasion and really is quite the charmer.
  • Ramsbury Gold – Our golden ale is brewed with our own malted barley, English Golding hops and torrified wheat. It’s super delicious and is sure to be loved by any beer lover. For those who are fans of sweet treats, our Ramsbury Gold Fudge, made by local fudge crafters, is sure to tickle your taste buds too!
  • Our Single Estate Vodka – We’re very proud of our single estate vodka, so we can’t wait to show you and your drinking buddy how we make it! Each bottle of our vodka can be traced back to the single field of its origin, making each bottle expertly crafted with a distinctly English accent.
  • Our Single Estate Gin – With great vodka comes great gin of course! If you’ve been searching for the perfect Valentine’s gin gift, we promise you won’t find better than our single estate gin. As well as being one of the only single estate gins in the country, this gin is another of our award-winning products.

Lunch at The Bell Inn

After your in-depth tour of our distillery and brewery, you will be taken back to The Bell Inn just in time for Lunch! Tuck into some traditional pub dishes such as hearty, home-cooked pies and wash down your delicious dish with your favourite beer or spirit that you sampled from the day.

*Lunch not included with ticket, but can be added on as an extra, please let us know when booking your tour.

Treat Your Partner to a Tour for Two

So, we’re sure you’re now wondering why you never thought of this perfect Valentine’s Day gift before. Gone are the days of a last-minute bunch of flowers from the reduced section, or the annual box of your partner’s favourite chocolates. This Valentine’s day, you can present your partner with a new awesome memory, meaning you can relax on the rose petals! Go to our website to purchase our brewery and distillery tour vouchers, for a gift they’ll love this year!

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