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Discover The Full Ramsbury Estate Experience

Situated in the Marlborough countryside and just minutes off of the M4, Ramsbury Estate boasts 19,000 acres of Wiltshire landscape. Developing over the years from our grassroots as a working farm, today the Ramsbury Estate comprises of a working brewery, onsite distillery and more. And we’d love to you to come and experience it for yourselves.

Here at Ramsbury, nothing goes to waste. From the woodchips milled from our 2,000 acres of Estate Forest that are used to fuel our biomass boiler, to our wastewater that is filtered by our reedbeds and released into the Estate lake for our wildlife, and even our spent grains that are used to supplement the feed for our cattle, we pride ourselves on our eco-friendly ethos and are continually inspired by the wealth of land and richness of opportunity that this provides to us here.

The Farm

Spanning areas of Northeast Wiltshire, West Berkshire and North Hampshire, the Ramsbury Estate houses 19,000 acres of beautiful countryside. 7,000 acres of this impressive area is farmed in hand, with traditionally reared, grass-fed cattle and pigs, as well as wild venison, too.

Cattle isn’t the only thing farmed here, though, the barley and wheat used in our craft beer and single estate spirits are grown right here on the Estate, along with the vegetables we use in our flagship pub The Bell at Ramsbury, and even the fruit used in our limited-edition single estate vodkas, including wild cherry, sloe berries, and apple: available exclusively at our onsite brewery  and distillery shop.

Over the years, the farm has diversified tremendously. The Estate has welcomed the addition of the onsite brewery in 2004, the distillery in 2014, and our oil press in 2015. The Ramsbury Estate today is one that makes the most of the wonderful Wiltshire countryside, producing high quality produce that serves the local community and beyond.

Ramsbury’s Eco-Friendly Ethos 

From offering a refillable station for our award-winning Ramsbury Gold Rapeseed Oil and Single Estate Spirits, to powering our electricity with our solar panels and recycling wastewater to sustain a lake for our wildlife, to even using the chippings of our Forest to fuel our biomass boiler, we ensure as little goes to waste as possible.

Why not see it for yourself?

The Brewery and Distillery

Our local team brew our collection of craft beer and our Single Estate spirits onsite. Brewed to perfection and distilled through an exclusive, state-of-the-art distilling equipment, every bottle of our craft beer and single estate spirits are of the highest quality. All the work that goes into our Estate, brewery and distillery isn’t for nothing, either. We’ve proudly been awarded a range of awards for our produce, including the recent accreditation of two gold stars from the Great Taste Awards for both our lager, Red Ram, and our Black Gold Oil.

In 2021, our Single Estate Gin was awarded the Platinum SIP Award, with our Single Estate Vodka winning the Gold SIP Award in the same year, as well as the Spirit Of The Year Award at the London Spirits Competition, too.

With barley grown on the Estate and malted at Warminster Maltings Ltd, in Wiltshire, here at Ramsbury, everything is local. Our wheat is grown here on the farm, and from the moment the wheat is picked to the second the delicious gin mix is bottled by hand, our spirits don’t leave the Ramsbury Farm. Not even once.

The Brewery and Distillery Tour

From grain to glass and plough to pint, our brewery and distillery tour shows you the process.

Perfect for couples, colleagues, friends, and beer enthusiasts everywhere, the Ramsbury Brewery and Distillery tour provides guests with unparalleled access to the behind-the-scenes happenings of our onsite Brewery and Distillery.

What’s more, if you’re looking for a unique location for your upcoming meeting, or to host an upcoming function at somewhere more exclusive, we also offer businesses and organisations the opportunity to hire our meeting room and explore our Brewery and Distillery, to create bespoke packages and create truly unforgettable experiences.

The Ultimate Beer and Spirit Tasting Experience

For all craft beer lovers out there, the Ramsbury Brewery and Distillery tour is the ultimate beer and spirits tasting experience. Run every Friday at 11am, and on the last Friday of the month at 6:30pm, the tour provides unparalleled access to Ramsbury’s Brewery and Distillery.

Meet your dedicated member of the Ramsbury team who will take you around the Wiltshire Brewery and Distillery facilities and experience tastings of beer and spirits, and discover how our products are made, right here on the farm.

The ultimate beer and spirit tasting experience tours make for the perfect gift, and our Tour For Two vouchers mean that gift giving in this way is easier than ever.

To ensure that visitors have an unforgettable experience during our tours, we wanted to create something special. Introducing The Ramsbury Experience Tour.

The Ramsbury Experience Tour

Want to see more of the stunning Estate?

If a tour of the Brewery and Distillery isn’t enough for you, The Ramsbury Experience Tour is what you’re looking for.

Created with the vision of providing craft beer and spirit enthusiasts with an experience like no other, The Ramsbury Experience tour combines the very best that Ramsbury Estate has to offer, and more, with plenty of tastings on the way, of course.

Starting in Ramsbury village, our experience tour truck will pick you up and take you on an off-road tour of the beautiful countryside to immerse you in the origins of our processes here at the farm. Explore the Brewery and Distillery and discover the story of the Estate for yourself.

As well as being able to discover the wonders of the Estate, Brewery, and Distillery, this experience offers guests the opportunity to dine at our flagship pub, The Bell at Ramsbury.

The Bell at Ramsbury is a beautiful 300-year-old couching house and is situated in the heart of Ramsbury Village. Guests here will be able to try dishes using fresh produce from the Ramsbury Estate, including our beef, wild venison, and vegetables, too, perfectly combining a rustic feel with fabulous cuisine. Taste all of the glory that Ramsbury has to offer with our craft beers on draught and enjoy with the knowledge that nothing here goes to waste.

Take A Taste Of The Farm Home

Aside from our bespoke Estate Shop, that offers the opportunity to take home your favourite craft beers and spirits away with you, to ensure that your craft beer tour and estate experience is not forgotten, we have teamed up with our Chef at The Bell at Ramsbury to create some delicious recipes to try at home.

A personal favourite of ours is the Roasted Hazelnut Rapeseed Mayonnaise.

Cook with our previously mentioned award-winning Ramsbury Black Gold Rapeseed Oil. Pick up this delicious rapeseed oil at the brewery and distillery shop at the end of your tour, or on a visit to the area, you won’t be disappointed.

Here’s how to make our renowned Roasted Hazelnut Rapeseed Mayonnaise with our award-winning rapeseed oil:


  • 500ml Ramsbury Black Gold Rapeseed Oil
  • 25ml Sherry Vinegar
  • 25ml Warm Water
  • 150gm Roasted Hazelnuts
  • 1 Clove Garlic
  • 3 Egg Yolks
  • 2tbsp Dijon Mustard

Recipe Instructions:

  1. Place all the ingredients into the jug of a blender or food processor, and process on high for 2 minutes.
  2. Turn the speed down and gradually drizzle in the oil while the blade is running.
  3. Once the mix has emulsified and come together the mayonnaise can be placed in airtight container and placed in the fridge ideally use after it has sat for one day.
  4. This will keep in the fridge for 1 week and is great served with poached chicken or steamed fish.
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