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Everything You Need To Know About Ramsbury Estate

Want to know more about the Ramsbury Estate, our independent brewery, delicious craft beer and even our farming and education programmes? Look no further. We’ve created the perfect pocket-sized guide to get you up to speed with all things Ramsbury, our products, programmes and services (oh, and our pretty interesting history, too).

Ramsbury Background and History

Back in 1997, the Ramsbury Estate spanned just 3,000 acres. Since then, through the accumulation of surrounding neighbouring estates such as Littlecote, the Estate now spans over 19,000 stunning acres, featuring 7,000 acres of farmland across Wiltshire, West Berkshire and North Hampshire.

Ramsbury Estate is based in Marlborough, in the stunning British countryside. Open between 9am and 5pm, the Estate offers locals and craft-beer lovers from all stretches of the UK (and beyond) the opportunity to explore the beautiful grounds, on-site brewery, and delicious, fresh farm produce that the Estate has to offer.

Of the 19,000 acres of estate, here at Ramsbury our operations work hand-in-hand to get the most out of our land and have minimal impact on the environment around us.

The Brewery

Back in 2004, the Estate diversified and welcomed craft brewing to the mix. Born with the aim of creating delicious craft beers with a sustainable standpoint, Ramsbury Brewery has now been in operation for nearly twenty years, taking inspiration from the beautiful surrounding Wiltshire countryside and the diverse range of plants, cattle and flavours that come with it.

Our brewery product portfolio now spans craft beers from classic craft lagers to exotic Indian pale ales, offering a delicious craft beer experience for all tastes. As an independent brewery, we pride ourselves on our sustainable practices and place our years of experience and passion for the industry in every pint we pull.

Ramsbury Products

Our products include fresh meat, locally grown produce, craft beer and craft spirits: and they’re award winning. Discover our delicious fresh meat collection, our crisp Ramsbury Gold debut craft beer, and our alcohol-based sanitiser, which we began creating during the COVID-19 pandemic: transforming our distillery to help provide assistance in the face of the uncertainty, to help our wonderful local community.

Our Product Portfolio Includes:

Our craft beer collection includes craft lagers, craft bitters, craft ales and more.

Our craft spirit collection includes our Single Estate Vodka and our Single Estate Gin, which was awarded a Gold Medal by the Beverage Tasting Institute.

Our organic meat collection includes

Ramsbury Craft Brewery Tours

Our craft brewery tours run every Friday and offer craft beer lovers the opportunity to explore our wonderful grounds, the brewery itself and of course, sample some of our award-winning craft beer and craft spirits.

Our brewery tours bring together craft lovers and their loved ones and allow us to demonstrate the process from plough to pint. Explore the working brewery during a weekend brewery tour stay can now include the Ramsbury Experience tour, with involves a wonderful lunch and stay at the award-winning The Bell to get the full Ramsbury brewery tour experience.

Farming and Education Programmes

Here at Ramsbury, we’re passionate about sharing our wonderful Estate and its environment with as many people as we can. Aside from our brewery tours, creation of craft beer and our status as an independent brewery, we offer free Farming and Education trips, which place paramount importance on conservation and British farming.

Born in 2017, our Farming, Education and Conservation programmes offer future generations the education and insight required to make the most of our British countryside, providing the knowledge required to maintain and nurture the wonderful landscape we are surrounded by, and inspiring guests to place a real importance on our environmental impact.

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