Happy International Beer Day

Posted 6 August 2021

Happy International Beer Day! The first Friday of every August marks International Beer Day, and as it’s August 6th 2021, that makes it… today! Hooray!

What better excuse to drink your favourite craft beers, get your friends together and kickstart the weekend, than an event geared towards the celebration of one of the world’s most enjoyed drinks: beer.

Beer is one of the oldest drinks in the world. The rich history of local craft beers, huge diversity and influence in the societal norms of so many cultures means that whilst there are plenty of days throughout the year that celebrate beer, craft beer and more, such as Beer Day Britain, we’re never going to turn down an opportunity to get down to our local and drink a pint (or two).

Whether you opt for an ale, lager, stout or hop… the choice is yours. Let’s all come together and share our love of beer. 

A Brief History of International Beer Day

This (now) international holiday was first celebrated in America. California, to be exact. Scheduled in August since it’s 2007 birth, International Beer Day was coined by beer-lover Jesse Avshalomov. 

Celebrations for International Beer Day increase year-on-year, growing with the popularity of craft beer, everywhere. The celebrations are so big, in fact, that it’s thought that the event spans  207 cities, 80 countries and 6 continents worldwide. 

How Can I Celebrate International Beer Day?

Inspired by beer’s ability to bring everyone together, the point of International Beer Day is to get your friends and family together, and give the gift of local craft beers. 

From endless games of beer pong to all-day happy hours and everything in between, it’s time to celebrate. Whether that be at home with your family, at the pub with your friends, or during date night with your (beer loving) other half… there are plenty of beers for you to enjoy. 

Celebrating International Beer Day at Ramsbury Estate

The Ramsbury team will be getting together to celebrate, of course. But have you thought about celebrating with us?

Our famous brewery tours are always scheduled on a Friday. So what better excuse to finally book in your long-awaited guided Ramsbury Estate Brewery Tour

With tours for two, groups and more that include tastings of our fresh produce and access to our Estate shop (and the brewery, of course), if you’re local to the beautiful Marlborough countryside (or don’t mind travelling just a little while) why not schedule a trip to celebrate with us, here?

You know you want to.

Our Favourite Pubs Local To The Ramsbury Estate 

If you’re a little tired from the long week, and need some inspiration when it comes to selecting the perfect pub to celebrate in for this year’s International Beer Day, don’t worry. 

We’ve got you covered. 

With our weekly Pub Of The Week feature here at Ramsbury, we’ve got a pretty great list of pubs for you to choose from:

Ramsbury Beers

Let’s face it. Local craft beers are best, right?

Now, with that in mind, it wouldn’t be very professional of us to write about a beer festival without recommending some delicious beers for you to try, would it? From our first ever brew, the classic Ramsbury Gold, to our fruity Belapur IPAhttps://ramsburyestates.co.uk/product/belapur/, there’s the perfect beer for everyone here. 

Check out some of our favourites:

However you end up celebrating… from everyone here at Ramsbury Estate, we wish you a very happy International Beer Day!

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