Honey Bee Nectar Returns for Spring!

Posted 19 March 2021

Ah, Honey Bee Nectar. How glad we are that this gem is back! Just as the bees begin to appear and the greenery returns,  it is a sign that spring is firmly on its way here at Ramsbury. With a brand new and improved recipe, this year’s Honey Bee Nectar is distinctly moreish. First brewed in 2013, its taste is inspired by the natural landscape that surrounds the brewery, here in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside. What’s so unique about our beers, is that we use our own malted barley, which is grown just a few fields from the brewery itself. The silky chalk-filtered water is from our own water source, you get the idea. We like to use our own produce wherever we can. So when it came to brewing a spring beer, we looked at all of the different elements of our estate for that special ingredient. As you may have guessed, we landed on honey from our very own hives.

Honey from each area tastes a little different, and is unique to the hives from which it is collected. When added to the brew, it creates a truly delicious, local ale – the flavour of which can only be found in a Ramsbury beer. The deep sweetness of the honey perfectly balances out the bitterness of the hops, whilst accentuating the traditional flavours of a pale ale. To bring out the aroma, this year we finished the brew by dry hopping with Citra hops, for that fresh and light, bitter-sweet nose that is synonymous with honeyed pale ales. It’s been a while coming, but it was certainly worth the wait – perfect to enjoy outdoors on a bright, spring day (and hopefully with a few friends when we’re allowed to do so!).



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