The Farm

Nestled in the heart of the Kennet Valley, surrounding the village of Ramsbury.

We farm in hand about 7,000 acres, where in the past a typical Wiltshire scene may have been sheep and cattle a plenty, now our farming centres around arable crops, mainly wheat and barley, alongside a small herd of Aberdeen Angus and South Devon cattle. Nothing goes to waste at Ramsbury, which is something we are hugely proud of. When we diversified in 2004 and our brewery was built, with the distillery following in 2014 and oil press in 2015, the spent brewers grains from brewing and distilling, alongside the by-products from the rapeseed is put back into the farm where they are then used to feed our livestock.

Each operation works smoothly and efficiently, intertwining with one another either by producing complementary products or providing the raw materials used to create them. We try to do as much as we can within the estate itself so that we have complete traceability and get the very most out of the process as we can whilst reducing the impact on the environment surrounding us.

What We Do
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