Limited Edition Platinum Celebration Vodka



44% ABV

Ramsbury Single Estate Spirits has launched a new limited-edition Platinum Celebration Vodka for Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee. With Ramsbury Single Estate Spirits true grain to glass approach, it is the perfect accompaniment to enjoy a taste of the English countryside as you celebrate the milestone occasion.

This vodka has been produced using Clare wheat, which has gradually fallen out of favour from modern farming methods due to its slightly lower yield. It was the last year Ramsbury Estate grew Clare wheat on the farm and why there is a very limited edition of only 500 bottles. The wheat was grown in 2015 and distilled in 2016.


Two ingredients combine to make our wonderfully characterful vodka.  Clare wheat  that was grown in our fields and our own chalk filtered water, which when distilled make this unique, limited edition single estate spirit.


Very neutral on the nose, with a smooth, soft biscuit finish


A full-bodied crisp and clean vodka. The Clare wheat allows for a long finish with a touch of sweetness, with a small note of vanilla.

700ml, 44% ABV

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