Pub of the Week: The Flemish Weaver

Posted 11 June 2021

If you’re on the hunt for a hidden gem – in pub form – The Flemish Weaver is without a doubt a must visit. It’s tucked in the oldest part of the beautifully quaint town of Corsham just 20 minutes from Bath, and boasts classically Old English ‘Bath’ architecture. This 17th Century Ale House completes the setting, with large old wooden casks and lanterns on the light stone brickwork. In the distance you can hear peacocks, who roam freely in the grounds of Corsham Court. It certainly feels as if you’ve stepped into a period drama, but with a much more relaxed and friendly atmosphere!

Inside, The Flemish Weaver is as quirky and intricate as you’d expect upon arriving at the market town. The low lighting, wooden beams, old photographs and paintings lining the walls create a whole other world to step into. Immediately, it feels like a proper olde worlde pub. Dried hops hang from the ceiling illumined and rope handrails are fixed to the wooden panels.  Each nook of The Flemish Weaver feels cosy and much-loved, with every booth featuring different antiques, books and cushions aplenty. The bar may be small, but for what it lacks in size, it makes up for in a truly excellent selection of traditional & craft local cask ales. Our Gold, Flint Knapper and Belapur IPA are centre stage, and are perfectly poured into glass tankards. The staff are not only incredibly knowledgeable, and passionate about great beer, but generous, friendly and bring such an energy to this little pub. It’s not hard to see why they have so many dedicated locals returning frequently to enjoy the pub. As a brewery, it was incredibly warming to see such a busy, loved pub with wonderful customer service after such tough times over the last year.

Follow the corridors through to the garden which is just as quirky as the interior. Hanging baskets, flower planters, cushions, blankets, luxurious seating and individual covered booths are on either side of the pathway. Ramsbury alcohol hand sanitiser and hand wipes are laid out on every single table throughout the inside and the garden area which is a welcomed extra touch for customers’ peace of mind, and the booths ensure social distancing is much more comfortable. This garden area is new, and was built over lockdown so that The Flemish Weaver was able to open when it was just outdoor dining only, but seems as if it has always been there it fits the place so well.

You won’t just be looked after here, you’ll be made to feel like a part of the family, or like meeting with old friends. It’s full of charm and character – a place that is simply impossible to visit just once, you’ll find yourself wanting to make it your new local.

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