Big News! Ramsbury Beer Has Arrived In Cans.

Posted 16 October 2019

So, we have jumped onto the can-wagon! We’ve been wanting to launch a canned beer for a while, and decided that this year instead of just thinking about it, we’d actually get on and DO IT. The reason for much deliberation was ‘but which beer should go first?’ Should it be our best-selling Gold which is to be honest, excellent out of a bottle already, or should it be a brand spanking new beer which could be a bit of gamble once canning is booked?

Enter, Mango IPA. An updated version of last year’s Mango Libation, which we already know is a fantastic beer, but one that we only brew seasonally. It is, in essence, a tropical, h

azy delight.  So this year when we brought it back we knew we could make it even better than last year and it would be an excellent choice for our first ever beer to drop in cans.

The ‘canning revolution’ has been rapidly evolving over the last decade, and no more so with the sudden surge of ‘craft beer’ which has fully taken canning under its wing. It really was about time we got on board, so we ordered in a heap of fresh mangos for the kettle and plenty of mango puree for the tank and began work on this year’s Mango IPA.

Using Olicana, Azacca and Citra hops – the first to heighten the mango flavour profile and add a traditional bitterness, the second to give the brew a wonderfully fruity aroma and the third to balance the first two to create a smooth finish.

To taste, the Mango IPA is a full-full bodied tropical delight, with the fresh mango carrying itself throughout, followed by a bitter-sweet aftertaste unique to our Mango IPA. After our tasting a can of chilled Mango IPA, we knew canning was definitely a route we would 100% be following, so with that our NPD team – or brewers if you like- suggested that why not put our collab beer, Storm into cans too? And our brand new 4% ultra local pale ale ‘Calm Before’, aka Storm’s little brother into some too?

Brewed in collaboration with Sandstorm Films, our take on an American Pale Ale is perfectly su

ited to being canned, simply because it packs a punch in both flavour and ABV at 6%. Brewed with a mix of hops, including  fresh hops grown just 8 miles away in Badbury at Sandstorm’s studios, we’ve paired these with Ramsbury malt and dry hopped with Citra hops for an aromatic finish.

But, Sandstorm Films grew more hops than we knew what to do with for our Storm APA collab. So what do you do when you’re a brewery and have excess fresh hops at your disposal? Well you brew a new beer of course! Calm Before is a light and fresh 4% ale, and is a ‘truly local’ beer. Using only the local, fresh hops grown by Sandstorm, our own malt and water from our estate, it’s light, yet packed with flavour from the Magnum, Cascade and Halltertau hops.

All these wondrous cans will be available to buy on here  with the Calm Before & Storm coming soon!

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