Small Beers, Big Flavours: Introducing “Jaw Bit” Our First ‘Table Beer’

Posted 1 August 2019

There’s a pretty sizeable trend within the beer industry to make beer that is as strong as possible, put it in a can and let the ABV do the talking. And whilst this is great as a one off drink (because let’s face it if you have 3 cans of 8% ale you’ll probably feel a bit wobbly), it’s not something that everyone can, or wants to enjoy. Especially if you’ve ended up down your local for a few at the weekend. You may in fact have drawn the short straw and be the designated driver.

So here’s where it does a complete turn around, ‘small beers’ or ‘driving beers’ are gaining serious traction too. For us, we quite liked the idea of a much lighter ale that appealed to everyone and can be enjoyed at a much more leisurely pace. Small beer though, is of course not  a new thing. In fact, it dates way back to before the 1700’s when it was the preferred drink over water, because water was basically a hive of disease and quite honestly, disgusting (feel free to google this, but it wasn’t pleasant). Most small beers were home brewed which gave us the idea that if it could be home brewed and get us through the 17-1900’s, using our serious bits of kit from the 21st century we could create a small beer that was not only low in ABV, but as, if not more so, thoroughly delicious as some of our stronger beers.

Saying that, with big commercial bits of brewing kit, it is a little more difficult to make large quantities of such a beer. Thankfully our brewers have a keen nose for producing new beers, and their skill and expertise has produced something quite little, but quite fierce in taste profile.

At 2.8% our small beer, Jaw-Bit, is bang on target. It’s a classic clear ale– both bright and golden in colour. To ensure the maximum flavour without raising the ABV, we have added three varieties of hops than we would normally do so that it is bursting with juicy citrus notes balanced by a soft malt producing very minimal bitterness. This is a full bodied ale, without impairing the rest of your day and is the perfect way of complementing your lunch.

Fancy trying a pint of this for yourself? Or a half if you’re going for that ‘small’ vibe? You can search where to drink it on our aptly name ‘Find a Pint’ page. Once you’ve tried it, let us know what you think on Untappd by rating it!

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