Our New Single Hopped Pale Ale Series has Arrived: Welcome to Simcoe2

Posted 25 April 2019

Traditional ale is our bread and butter, it’s our staple and beers like our best-selling Gold is a favourite amongst our customers. But, with such a wealth of brewing expertise behind us plus state-of-the-art kit, we are also able to throw ourselves into creating new and exciting beers that differ from our usual brews. We’re a creative bunch up at Ramsbury, and so when we decide to create something completely different from the norm, we go head over heels for it.

Last year we brewed a fair few limited-edition beers, including one of our personal favourites: Mango Libation. This hazy mango pale ale was brewed for summer, with a heady tropical trio of olicana, citra and azacca hops and the wonderful addition of fresh mangos. The finish was sensationally fruity, refreshing and went down the hatch with ease at 4.3%.

So this year we put our heads together and found that perhaps we could do the opposite of what we’ve done before, where we add lots of different ingredients to a new ale resulting in a well-layered beer. Instead, what if we simplified the process completely, stripped it back to just a few components?

The result of this? Our new Single Hopped Pale Ale Series. The first of which is Simcoe2. If you happen to know a bit about brewing, you’ll know that Simcoe is a type of hop. If you don’t well…see previous sentence…

Normally, most beers will use a few different types of hops for their various different qualities, one for bitterness, another for aroma, and one for added flavour. So with Simcoewe’ve done quite the opposite. Using only one variety of hop – Simcoe -, malt, water and our own strain of yeast, we’ve added Simcoe during the boil, after the boil and dry hopped with it for that added aroma hit. Because we wanted to keep this new series of single hopped pale ales simple, it’s also unfined, so it’s suitable for vegans if that’s your preference. The fact that it’s unfined also means that Simcoe2  is wonderfully cloudy and amber in colour, with a velvety consistency.

Though we haven’t added any extra flavourings or fresh fruit to the brew, when testing it we were delighted by the passionfruit and mango nose that Simcoewas already demonstrating. Indeed, when tasting it too there seemed to be a real flavour of citrus infused with sweeter, yet mildly bittering tones in the aftertaste. The final dry hop has certainly added a moreish quality to this pale ale, and at 4.3% it lends itself perfectly as a smooth drinking ale, with that extra special something that’ll leave you ordering another at the bar!

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