Ekuanot: The Second In Our Single-Hopped Series Has Arrived

Posted 25 April 2019

 In March, we launched Simcoe, the first in our series of Single-Hopped Pale Ales. The result of which was our most popular beer to date and highest-rated on untappd (if you haven’t rated it by the way, you can do so here). It was gone in what seemed like a flash, so obviously, the only thing for us to do was brew something even bigger, even better than the first.

So, without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to EKUANOT, the second of our Single-Hopped Pale Ales. Using only our malt, our own strain of yeast and water then double-dry hopping the brew with Ekuanot hops, our new ale has been born. For its simplicity, Ekaunot holds some complex and incredibly delicious flavours. By adding Ekuanot hops at nearly every stage you can possibly add hops, the taste profile of this is other-worldly.

Not only will you be pleasantly surprised by its distinctly fruity nose at first, complete with a citrussy freshness to entice the palate, once sipped your taste buds will be home to a whole array of flavours. Strong papaya and lime notes will make the first impression, followed by a little berry with a more herbal finish.

It’s still a 4.3%, which means it’s light enough to drink through the evening, and with its unique flavour it’ll captivate you enough to stick to this one ale without having to switch to a different beer for need of a change of taste.

What may make you hesitant to try it initially is that it’s a hazy pale ale. This is simply because it’s unfined, and has nothing to do with it ‘not being at its best’, as hazy ales sometimes have connotations of. Actually, unfining a beer can greatly increase the flavour profile of an ale – hence why Ekuanot is such a winner.  Oh, also unfined means it’s suitable for vegans if that’s your preference.

So get down to your local (or if you are the local drop us a message and pre-order!) and give Ekuanot a try.

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