Thank You and a Happy New Year from the Ramsbury Team

Posted 30 December 2020

Well, 2020. The year we’d all like to forget, but that is completely unforgettable. It’s been a tough year for everyone and whilst we’d normally be looking forward to celebrating tomorrow evening together, it seems we’ll all have to put that on hold for a little while longer. We know that the next couple of months will be particularly tough, especially for our customers, the pubs, bars, restaurants and cafes alike. But, throughout the past year, we have also seen an extraordinary amount of kindness, togetherness and support that the community has fully embraced. The innovative ways everyone has adapted to the situation even through the most difficult of days, and looked after one another, is a true credit to you all.

Throughout March, as the pandemic became a reality and we as a nation locked down for the first time, we looked at our facilities, and put our minds to how we could help our local community. With the shortage of hand sanitiser becoming a deeper crisis for our frontline workers, we switched production in our distillery to produce alcohol based-hand sanitiser so that we could provide it to our local NHS, hospitals and surgeries, and frontline workers in need. It was a proud moment for our team when nurses and the community around us were able to be that bit safer, as they were doing so much to protect us.

Thankfully, the shortage of sanitiser eased and it is now easily accessible, but we’ve continued to produce it so that there is plenty to go around in our community. We were also lucky enough to be able to continue brewing. Throughout various lockdowns and furlough, treating yourself to a beer in the evening was a little light relief from the seriousness of the world and we’re incredibly grateful, and lucky,  that we have such a wonderful, loyal fanbase that has meant we could continue to brew our Wiltshire ales.

Without your continued support, without our friends, we simply couldn’t have done it this year. From the whole team at Ramsbury, may we extend a huge thank you. It’s a privilege to work with and meet you all – which we hope to continue doing in the New Year.

Stay safe, and a Happy New Year. Let’s hope 2021 proves to be a more positive future.

The team at Ramsbury Brewery & Distillery


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