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About Ramsbury Estates

In 1997 the original Ramsbury Estate was some 3,000 acres and in the succeeding years any old traditional neighbouring estates were acquired, including Littlecote, Hungerford Park, and part of the Aylesbury Estate.

Our Estate comprises of 19,000 acres of which we farm in hand approximately 7,000 acres and in the early 2000’s the estate started to diversify into other rural and business ventures. We built our brewery in 2004, the distillery in 2014, and an oil press in 2015. These operations work well together, in that they intertwine within the estate, either by producing complimentary products or providing the raw materials used to create them.


The Woodland

Over 2,500 acres of woodland and forestry, made up of a mix of a commercial and amenity woodland, generates huge environmental benefits, as well as contributing to the local community.

The commercial forestry, which is in blocks of 3 acres up to 350 acres, consist of Norway Spruce, Japanese Larch, Corsican Pine and Douglas Fir, interspersed with beech plantings. This forestry creates a haven for wildlife, and during the late winter and spring many members of staff go tree planting to ensure that we are giving back to the land as much as we take from it, if not more so.

Smooth and characterful spirit

The Fishing

The Kennet river is a classic chalk stream, rising twelve miles west of Axford, near the historic area of Avebury. It is fed by springs from the underlying chalk aquifier and its purity is second to none.

It is home to a variety of British wildlife such as otters, water voles, grey herons and brown trout. The Kennet is abundant with trout and throughout the summer makes an excellent fishing location, whereby on a bright sunny day you can sit and fish in approved locations on the Ramsbury estate.

If you are interested in fishing on the Ramsbury estate, we are able to offer private fishing opportunities please contact


The Landscape

Open country and large rolling fields are the main feature of this area, interspersed with beech woods and thorn hedges. Made up of solid chalk, these rolling hills support a fantastic variety of flora and fauna as they rise to 250 metres above sea level. The tops of the ridges are headvy clay with flints as the dominant feature.

Steep chalk land escarpments traditionally grazed by sheep produce a profusion of high pH loving plants and flowers.

The estate covers open land, and over 2,500 acres of woodland and forestry. Made up of a mix of commercial and amenity woodland, this resource is of huge environmental benefit and contributes in lots of ways to the local economy.

Our Produce

Experience Ramsbury’s exceptional products for yourself. Shop now and indulge in the finest handcrafted gins and farm-fresh produce. Elevate your taste and explore the essence of Ramsbury.

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