We’re Celebrating Beer Day Britain At Ramsbury Brewery

Posted 15 June 2021

It’s Beer Day Britain! June 15th 2021 marks the annual national beer day in the United Kingdom, and here at Ramsbury Brewery, we couldn’t be more excited for it.

With pubs opening, the sun shining and BBQs in full swing, what better way to celebrate the day than with a craft beer of your choice – whether that’s the classic Ramsbury Gold that marked the beginning of our brewery way back in 2004, or our more fragrant, citrus Belapur IPA, if that’s what you’re into.

Beer Day Britain is nothing new. Last year, the celebratory day was so popular that the day’s dedicated hashtag: #cheerstobeer, was trending on social media. But what is Beer Day Britain, and how did it begin?

Beer Day Britain: A History

This commemorative day was first celebrated in June of 2015. Created by beer lover, writer and educator Jane Peyton, Beer Day Britain is celebrated from the southern coasts of Cornwall to the peaks of Scotland.

The reason behind the date is simple. On June 15th all the way back in 1215, the Magna Carta was sealed. In Article 35 of the Magna Carta, the line ‘Let there be throughout our kingdom a single measure for wine and a single measure for ale and a single measure for corn…..’ features, inspiring the commemoration. The celebratory day is so significant in the industry, that leading organisations in the beer industry such as the British Beer & Pub Association show their support annually.

Why is beer so popular in the UK?

This may surprise you, but the beer community in the UK goes back thousands and thousands of years. It goes back so far, in fact, that the first known existence of beer brewing in Britain was around 4500 BC, when brewers migrated across to Britain from the Middle East.

More recently, though, the beer brewing (and drinking) community in the United Kingdom is very much alive. The popularity of bottled beer rose drastically in 1925 upping production levels, and this was quickly followed by a huge “Beer is Best” campaign in 1933, in which posters were plastered across the country featuring the Liverpool football team and captain Bobby Moore. This campaign was hugely instrumental in the growth of the beer industry in the UK, and the culture has gone from strength to strength since.

In fact, seven out of ten drinks sold in every pub in the UK are beer, giving you a little indication on the current popularity levels.

How should we celebrate Beer Day Britain?

Firstly (and probably most obviously), crack open a bottle of your favourite craft beer, head down to your local pub for a freshly pulled pint, or if you’re local to the estate, come in and visit us on one of our Ramsbury Estates Brewery Tour.

Aside from this, one of the key markers of this day is the annual selfie with your beer. Take a photo, post it on your social media at 7pm and caption the image with the Beer Day hashtag #cheerstobeer, so that you can join in and celebrate with beer lovers across the country.

Beers To Enjoy

As a craft beer lover, we’re sure you need no inspiration when it comes to the range of delicious beer varieties you can enjoy on Beer Day Britain (and every other day, of course).

Celebrating Ramsbury Craft Beers

This June 15th, the team at Ramsbury Brewery will be raising a glass of our favourite craft beer in celebration of the now seventeen years of the estate. From our home grown barley, our pints are brewed with passion and expertise and have been since 2004. From this, we have grown from strength to strength, now offering a delicious selection of craft beers, fresh produce and Ramsbury merchandise – and that’s definitely something to be celebrated.

Looking to enjoy your beer in style this Beer Day Britain? Of course you are. Why not check out some of our Ramsbury Estate’s merchandise and maybe treat yourself to a pint glass or maybe even a gift hamper, if you’re looking to celebrate with a friend…

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