The Brewery

Inspired by the Wiltshire landscape surrounding us, we work towards being the most sustainable brewery that we can be.

Most importantly, when we began and with the right tools in our hands, we knew that we could create a mighty fine pint. A small team then set about with a vision for handcrafting ales from plough to pint. Using barley from our fields and chalk-filtered water from our own source, we’re bigger and bolder than we were then, but with the same knowledge that nothing quite beats the taste of a decidedly good pint after a long day.

Big on Beer,
Small on the Environment.

The land around us provides us with a brewing goldmine, but in order to preserve this and continue to brew truly great beer, we have a deep understanding that we must care for this land too. Over the years we have committed ourselves to becoming a sustainable brewery, reducing our waste and the impact we have on the surrounding nature. For instance, our brewery uses heat generated by a biomass boiler fed from our own sustainable woodland. Our livestock are fed the spent brewers grains and our waste water is cleaned by a wildlife-friendly reed bed system. By reducing our environmental footprint and ensuring that the estate is kept in perfect balance, we can carry on our journey as brewers for years to come.

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