Your Complete Guide To Ramsbury Beers

Posted 13 June 2022

The summer season has sprung, and we are already knowing ourselves into garden parties, BBQs, and socials in the warm rays. A perfect summery event requires delicious beer and at Ramsbury, we have the best craft beer that will make your mouth water. We’ve put together a complete guide to all things craft beer to help you decide on which ones to indulge in. I hope you are as excited as we are… 


What is Craft Beer?

One for the newbies amongst you all (you are not alone we can assure you), craft beer can be defined as specially curated and individually brewed beer made with the finest, high-quality ingredients. At Ramsbury, we have 19,000 acres of land including our brewery which was built in 2004. Inspired by the Wiltshire landscape, we aspire to be as sustainable as we can. Nothing goes to waste. Our world-class barley is grown in our fields situated close to the brewery and we source our own chalk-filtered water. Our process is impeccable and that is what makes our craft beer distinctively Ramsbury, colour, and flavour above them all. For those who are interested in our facilities, we recommend paying us a visit and experiencing our brewery and distillery tours.


Let’s divulge into our craft beers…


Ramsbury Gold

Our first and most-known beer, Ramsbury Gold ale, is where it all began here at Ramsbury. The popular golden ale is rich and embodied, brewed with our own malted barley, torrified wheat, and English Golding hops. Delicately light in aroma and taste, this craft beer is great for all occasions especially as it is available in a range of sizes from bottles to mini kegs. For Ramsbury Gold fans (we know there are many of you), we have also made fudge with this delightful beer. Ramsbury Gold Fudge made in partnership with Marden’s Fudge is a delicious and creamy artisan treat to accompany your beverage. A perfect snack for beer lovers.


Red Ram

Get ready to be charmed by our first craft larger, Red Ram. This award-winning larger was awarded two stars at the 2021 Great Taste Awards. Bursting with flavours of specially selected malt and continental hops, this quality larger has a refreshingly crisp finish that will rejuvenate your taste buds. Distinctively moreish, we suggest drinking this alcoholic beverage chilled for the ultimate beer experience. Available in 330ml bottles with 4.5%, Red Ram is perfect to quench your thirst on a hot summer’s evening, or for sipping whilst relaxing after a long day’s work.


506 Ale

This smooth and continental-style blonde beer is one to try. We first brewed 506 Ale as a tribute to the American 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, who during 1943 in preparation for D-Day, were accommodated in Ramsbury and nearby villages. This craft beer is as impactful as its story, with a smooth taste and citrus finish this refreshing and inviting ale is available in 500ml bottles with alcohol.


Belapur IPA

Our Belapur IPA combines two popular ale flavourings: a classic Indian Pale Ale complemented by a traditional English Ale. The best of both worlds. With a fruity, citrus flavour and hoppy notes, this ale is the perfect alcoholic beverage for BBQs and a fantastic companion to fresh meats. You may be wondering what IPA stands for, well, simply put, an IPA stands for Indian Pale Ale and is steeped in history with its roots going back to the British Empire and its colonies. Sailors were looking for a beer recipe that would be easy to preserve on their long journeys from Britain to India and realised hop would be perfect for the job. Our IPA is no stranger to this and has a direct hoppy flavour.


Farmer’s Best

A classic dark amber ale, our Farmer’s Best bitter is delicate and rounded. The perfect session ale, Farmer’s Best is beautifully refreshing whilst being low in alcohol at 3.6%. Our craft bitter is malt-driven and great for every occasion, especially for those up-and-coming warmer days (we hope). Available in a range of sizes from 500ml bottles, pint bags and mini kegs, this beer is empowering and can be enjoyed at any time.


Honey Bee Nectar

For those of you who have a sweet tooth, Honey Bee Nectar is a perfect choice. A wonderful display of honey notes and delicate aroma, our golden-colored pale ale is the result of our cooperation with North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (ANOB). The ANOB is a beautiful landscape of peaceful open downland, ancient woodland, and chalk steams, all bustling with wildlife. The craft beer’s ingredients are derived from the AONB with lashings of local honey from our Ramsbury farm. A glorious beer that echoes the amazing British countryside.


We know that choosing the right beer can be a challenge. With so many aromas to try, it is difficult to know which one is best for you. Why not discover our Mixed Bottle Beer Case here at Ramsbury? Featuring all six of the beers above, our cases are great for those wanting a taster session, or for those summer get-togethers to ensure your guests have a fantastic drinks variety. We will let you decide which Ramsbury craft beer is best.


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